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Say Hi to Jim Coutre

Jim Coutre started in photography over 40 years ago with a 35mm camera and a black and white and color darkroom.

About four years ago he transitioned to digital and now shoots with Nikon equipment such as the D3, D300 and D200. Jim works as a commercial photographer specializing in family
life portraits, weddings, mitzvahs and charity events. Recently he has expanded into landscapes, cityscapes and night scenes.

As an NVPC member Jim looks to improve his photographic and presentation skills and hopes to benefit from competitions and critiques, He will share his knowledge with other members.
Jim’s other interests include sailing and computers.
Written by Dick Kenyon

Say Hi to Bill Hough
Bill Hough began to take photographs years ago when he was a member of the Peace Corps in Ecuador. A period of on and off photography ensued up until ten years ago when he became
more serious. Overall he’s been interested in photography since the 1960’s. Bill likes to photograph faces and places and has
been fortunate to travel the world and click away. He uses a Canon XSi with a collection of zoom lenses as well as a 50mm f1.8 standard lens.

At NVPC Bill is interested in seeing what other members are doing and wants to develop his skills in taking spur of the moment shots in varying conditions. Bill’s other interests include travel, writing, politics and computers.
Written by Dick Kenyon

Say Hi to Stan Powers

Stan Powers, now retired, initially engaged in photographing family activities and trips. Now his photographic interests are focused on nature and the other subjects of interest in the
environment. Stan currently uses a Canon 40 D.

As a member of NVPC Stan is eager to advance his knowledge and photographic skills to improve his image making ability. Stan’s interests, other than photography, include woodworking, bicycling and travel.
Written by Dick Kenyon

Say Hi to Dan Carey

Dan Carey is a software engineer who got his start in photography in college in the 1970’s. He’s been practicing since then at various levels. These days he uses a Canon 50D DSLR to shoot wildlife, night scenes and portraits.

As an NVPC member Dan seeks to improve his skills while networking with other members to share techniques and knowledge.

Dan’s other interests are fishing, hiking and travel.
Written by Dick Kenyon

Say Hi to Linda Lecuyer

Linda is a Regional Planner who received her first camera, an Instamatic, when she was ten years old. She has been actively pursuing photography as a hobby for the last twenty years. Her photographic interests are portrait and travel images. She recently traveled to Costa Rica. Her current cameras are a
Nikon D 300 for serious work and a Canon Elph for snapshots. As a returning member of NVPC, Linda looks forward to sharing her enthusiasm for photography with other members with the objective of becoming a better photographer.

Her other interests include her grandchildren and traveling.
Written by Dick Kenyon
Linda Lecuyer

Say Hi to Norm Strahle

Norm is an engineer residing in Acton, Massachusetts. He became interested in photography several years ago as a hobby. He has been making images off and on for several
years. Presently he uses a Canon Rebel DSLR. His photographic interests include nature, landscapes, people and sports. As a member of NVPC he looks forward to learning more about creating better photographs and being motivated to make more of them.

Norm’s other interests include hiking, camping and biking.
Written by Dick Kenyon

Say Hi to Kathleen Barnes
Welcome to Kathleen Barnes, a retired teacher who began
her journey in photography with a beloved “Brownie”
camera in high school and has enjoyed making pictures
ever since. She entered the digital world of photography
about four years ago. Her photographic interests include
landscape, architectural and macro subjects which she now
pursues with a Nikon DSLR.

She joins NVPC seeking to learn from others, improve
her skills and enjoy the work of fellow photographers.
Beyond photography she enjoys hiking, reading and travel.
Written by Dick Kenyon
Kathleen Barnes

Say Hi to Vera Kaufman
Vera is an antique dealer specializing in American, Dutch, and European ceramics and a photographer. She started shooting photographs when she graduated high school and has practiced photography for about 35 years.

Her primary photographic interests are nature, flora scenics, architectural restoration, rural decay, and portraits.  Special interests are butterflies, dragonflies, and insects. She currently uses a Fujifilm 55 Pro and a Nikon D700 and a few lenses.

She would like to learn more about critique and the judging process. She is interested in meeting new friends with common interests and enjoy photography outings.

Vera’s other interests include hiking, studying nature, and researching historic areas and photo documentation.
Written by Pamela Florek

Vera Kaufman

Say Hi to Ginny Galpin
Ginny is currently an accountant. Ginny first started taking pictures at the age of 8 but seriously took up photography in the late 70’s and 80’s when she was the owner of a company that made canoe and kayak paddles. She enjoyed taking pictures for the brochures; stills of the equipment and action shots at kayak races.

Ginny uses a Canon Powershot SD 890 IS and a Leica V-Lux 1. She likes to photograph her grandchildren, landscapes, and wildlife. She joined the NVPC to learn more about taking great shots and processing them.

Ginny’s other interests include biking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, canoeing, and reading.
Written by Pamela Florek
Ginny Galpin

Say Hi to Bob Stevens
Bob is a retired engineer and program manager who has been practicing photography for about 40 years  He started taking pictures while growing up and then continuing to shoot pictures of his family and his travel adventures.

He uses a Canon 20D with a Canon 17-85 mm lens; Sigma 80-400mm lens and Swarovski spotting scope.  Bob’s primary photographic interests are outdoor scenery and wildlife; especially birds.At NVPC he wants to take better photographs, have fun, and meet people who share his enjoyment of photography. Bob’s other many interests include golfing, skiing, birding, traveling around the world with his wife, gardening, his family and spending time in the state of Maine.

Written by Pamela Florek

Bob Stevens

"Say Hi" to Don Hanson
Don has recently retired from teaching at Tufts Dental School. Don has been shooting with film for about 35 years. He hadn’t been doing any recent serious photography up until 6 months ago when he bought his DSLR.

He shoots with his Canon 40D and likes to photograph landscapes, nature and his travels. He is learning to use Photoshop Elements.                     
At NVPC, Don is looking to become a better photographer. He also wants to learn more about composition, the artistic and technical aspects of photography.

Don’s other interests include running, biking and skiing.

"Say Hi" to Linda M. DeCicco Fanning

Linda is the Director of Human Resources at her company.

She has always taken an interest in photography throughout her life in taking pictures of events, vacations, family, etc. She has enjoyed framing her work. Since September 2007, she has finished her certificate in digital photography from Middlesex Community College.  She enjoys shooting nature photography and is interested in abstract shooting.

Linda is currently using her Nikon D80 since September 2007. She wants to learn more about techniques and equipment through NVPC.
Written by Pamela Florek
Linda DeCicco Fanning

"Say Hi" to Sam Galpin
Sam is a software engineer who has been practicing photography since the 50’s. He bought a DSLR for a vacation trip to Alaska in 2006 and started back in taking pictures and now a fully-fledged digital user. He uses a Canon 30D and a color managed “digital darkroom”.

His primary photographic interests are nature, wildlife, and landscapes. In the past, he has photographed subjects ranging in scale from paramecia to nebula and worked with images from radar, sonar, ultraviolet and infrared technologies.

At NVPC he wants to make better photographs. He wants to learn how to make “fine art” grade prints. He is also interested in both techniques and technology for all kinds of imaging.

Sam’s other interests include sailing, canoeing, kayaking, birdwatching, cycling, skiing, travel, science, and astronomy.

Written by Pamela Florek

Sam Galpin